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Just a few happy customers:
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I landed a job in Portland so you can take my reel off medialine. I didn't send one tape out! Medialine is so easy and convenient! Love it. Thanks for all the help.
Can you please remove me from the talent showcase?  In the short time I've been up there, I've had 3 different offers from stations all over the country!!   Thanks for being so helpful, and so flexible... I look forward to working with you again in the future!
I will always lean on divine order, first; but I'd be a fool to not recognize the role Medialine played in securing my new position. To move from an 80s market reporting position to an anchor seat in a Top 50 is such a blessing. Did I mention I'm headed to an awesome station??!?
Mark: This was money well spent. Not even 24 hours after my demo reel was posted I received numerous emails from news directors. I am happy to say I just signed a contract at a great station in Louisiana and want to thank you for your help. You no longer have to have me up for "Today's Talent" on Sept 27. Feel free to take the demo reel and resume down as well. I will definetly use Medialine again if I ever decide to get back on the job market. Thanks alot!
thanks. just landed my second job from your site.
After posting our jobs on our own website, Medialine is the next website source I turn to. Medialine's site is easy to use, brings us qualified candidates and the staff is a pleasure to work with.
Christina Camps - Human Resources WDJT, Milwaukee

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In 1985, Kent Collins, Adrienne Laurent and Mark Shilstone, professors at The University of Missouri-Columbia, saw the need for a centralized, comprehensive source for information on job openings in the television news industry.

They came up with the plan to make job openings available via a futuristic, new invention – voice mail!

Out of this ridiculously simple infancy was born MediaLine – a daily updated, comprehensive source for the most reliable and up to the minute job listings in the television news industry. From a daily updated voice mail message system, MediaLine grew to be the most respected and recognized source for job information in the Television News Industry.

Then came the next evolution – the Internet – and MediaLine became the first place TV news Talent could display their resumes and clips from their resume reels–where hiring managers could, for no charge, find hundreds of potential employees of all different experience levels. At the same time the MediaLine Forum became the first television news insiders could discuss and debate issues in broadcast news.

Now in its fourth decade Medialine is owned and operated by RWI Digital Communications, LLC – owner and operator of  And with the change of ownership, Medialine takes a monumental leap into the 21st Century with a new design and more modern features than it’s founders could have dreamed of!

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