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Azure: The cloud from Microsoft - Everything to know

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in the Multi Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform available worldwide. Based on Microsoft standards, Azure offers uniform management of infrastructure, platform and software. In this respect, Microsoft Azure is the ideal extension to the services from the CompanyCloud. With Medialine, you use hybrid cloud architectures as a Managed Service according to your needs.

Microsoft Azure not only offers ideal conditions for the development of new applications, existing applications can also be run in the Public Cloud with Azure. With the constantly expanding cloud services, applications can be created, managed and deployed in a global network using the appropriate tools and frameworks that the user prefers.

Through Microsoft Azure Stack, the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud becomes usable as a private or hybrid cloud. This means that not only can strict compliance and data protection rules be responded to, but it is also possible to respond flexibly and individually to requirements.

Medialine as your official Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack Partner

What we see as our mission? Your transformation into the digital future. We want to accompany you on your journey and work with you to create a digital business model that revolutionizes and moves forward. As an Azure Stack System Integrator officially listed by Microsoft, we are equipped with suitable resources and know-how.

System Integrator for Azure Stack HUB and HCI

What is unique about us? Medialine is one of the few IT system houses listed by Microsoft in the Partner Catalog for Azure Stack System Integrators. For Azure Stack Hub, there are only 15 system integrators worldwide - and Medialine is the only one from Germany.

We use these building blocks for our mission:

Azure Consulting
Azure Stack Portfolio
Hybrid und Multi Cloud Management von IaaS, SaaS und PaaS – unabhängig von der präferierten Cloudplattform

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Advantages of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure has many advantages. Relieving the internal IT department is the first priority here. Costs can be determined by the cloud services from the actual benefit alone, without unforeseeable investments in hardware and software. In addition, enormous savings are made by less personnel and IT maintenance costs. Business continuity is also ensured - through cost-effective cloud backup and disaster recovery applications.

It's all about optimized cost management: Azure tools can forecast and track invoices, improve workload costs, and control spending through cloud governance. Dynamic scaling of the infrastructure saves additional costs because the cloud application scales according to current demand. No capacity for maximum utilization as with conventional data centers is necessary. Another advantage is that professional infrastructures - such as Firewall, load balancers and private subnets - can be easily mapped in the cloud. High investment costs for hardware can be avoided.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Full cost control

There are no investment costs, prepayments or cancellation fees, because billing is according to actual consumption.

Fast start

You can select the cloud service in question yourself and set it up with just a few clicks. Application areas include global accessibility, VMs, storage, test and development, backup, disaster recovery and infrastructure.

High availability and secure environment

Microsoft Azure offers the highest level of protection for customer data, identities, applications and networks.

Data protection and compliance

Microsoft Azure certifications are comprehensive. The data center locations can be selected across Europe depending on requirements.

From the Public Cloud to the Private Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

To build modern architectures and modernize existing apps, Microsoft Azure is usually the first choice in the public cloud environment. However, for regulatory compliance and data protection requirements or for technical reasons, many companies prefer to run applications in rented or own data centers (on-premises). This can be disadvantageous to a comprehensive cloud strategy and also complicate processes. This is because on-premises developments as well as maintenance require different tools and thus special know-how.

Azure Stack is the solution

With Azure Stack, the security of the private cloud can be combined with the advantages of the public cloud. With Azure Stack, the Microsoft Azure Cloud can be set up anywhere, on-premises in your own data center or in one of the highly secure Medialine CompanyCloud data centers.

When Medialine offers Azure Stack from its own data centers as a managed cloud provider, the user has the resources as flexible available as in the public cloud. In addition to platform and software services from Azure, compute resources are also locally available. Users benefit from consistent processes for creating and deploying innovative applications.

Azure Stack can be operated completely independent or integrated into the Azure Public Cloud in the local data center. The deployment paths are always the same. So you get an individual private cloud including data sovereignty, with all the benefits of an established public cloud platform. Azure Stack helps you consciously modernize your data center environment, consistently expand your cloud strategy, and drive virtualization and automation.
Highly individual solutions can be implemented as a hybrid cloud using Azure Stack. For projects that are limited in time or serve as a development or test environment, for example, companies have additional resources from Microsoft Azure at their disposal. Consistent PaaS functions enable a seamless porting of applications between Azure Stack and Azure through hybrid deployment options. For example, if a company is running a large-scale IoT solution, Azure Stack is suitable for edge environments where computing power is to be provided on-site. Only then is the data transferred to the public cloud - minus security-critical information, which continues to exist in the private cloud.

The HCI can be described as "Azure Hybrid by Design". Consisting of a system with 2 - 16 servers, it is intended for single organizations and therefore not multi-tenant.

  • Integrated Azure Hybrid Services
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure stack
  • High-performance workloads

The Azure Stack HUB is a cloud-native integrated system. In fact, Azure Stack is a private cloud "copy" of Azure Public Cloud.

Regulatory and data supremacy, making it particularly interesting for the Critis sector.

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Automation and self-service
  • Separate scenarios

Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack at a glance

Azure Public Infografik

  • Regulatory and data sovereignty always remains with the user in Azure Stack
  • Reduced latencies
  • On-demand delivery of workloads in your own on-premises infrastructure or in the public cloud
  • Consistent app development environment in Azure and Azure Stack
  • Azure and Azure Stack share application model, self-service portal and APIs, DevOps tools and automation capabilities
  • Comprehensive range of open source technologies
  • Fast IaaS deployments and powerful auto-scaling for optimal workload balance
  • Local execution of fully managed PaaS solutions, serverless computing, distributed microservice architectures, and container management.

To the Azure Stack Center of Excellence  

Professional Azure Consulting from Medialine

With Managed Services - from Iaas, over SaaS to PaaS - we help you to develop and manage your Azure applications more efficiently. Whether you want to implement and operate Microsoft Azure, migrate your existing systems to the public cloud or opt for an On-Premises or Private Cloud solution such as our CompanyCloud. We help you to use the Azure offer sensibly, advise you and implement your wishes.

Our Azure Stack Portfolio from CompanyCloud

You have the choice between: Own operation of your Azure Stack, supported by our certified consulting, operation by us in your data center or provision of a fully managed environment in one of our data center locations in Europe. We produce various Azure Stack services for you in the CompanyCloud:

IaaS powered by Azure Stack Hub:

Infrastructure as a Service - or laaS - provides the components of a data center infrastructure, involving hardware, computing power, storage and network resources from the cloud. We now offer this service from our Private CompanyCloud. What's special about this service? Now you can also get Infrastructure as a Service powered by Azure Stack HUB.

Azure Stack HUB/HCI as a Service:

You think Azure Stack HUB or HCI is the right solution for you, but you need your own environment but don't want to take over operations and management yourself? We are happy to operate either solution for you and thus also your dedicated systems.

Validation Platform as a Service (VpaaS)

Validate the compatibility of your software with Azure Stack now. This service is designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who need to verify that their products run effectively on Azure Stack Hub. It can also verify that your products remain consistent with Azure. We offer a service that allows to perform ongoing validation without material costs.

How the Azure Stack HUB by Medialine works

Azure Stack HUB by Medialine

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management as full service

No matter what your infrastructure, software or platform requirements are, with our Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management offerings we build platform agnostic solutions and manage them for you. No matter where you prefer to store your services - in the Azure Public Cloud, in your own data center or in our Private CompanyCloud. You don't need to optimize all your systems on Azure or Azure Stack. We advise you on which of the possible solutions fits your type of application and additionally take over the central management of all your components: resources, compliance or IT-Security. Thus, the commissioning and management of different clouds do not represent additional work for you.

  • Hybrid management of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS - regardless of the preferred cloud platform
  • Central administration of patch management, monitoring and Security across all cloud platforms

Multi Cloud Management by Medialine

Multi Cloud Management by Medialine

Certified by Microsoft

As an official Microsoft Gold Partner, Medialine Group works closely with the Azure and Azure Stack provider. In addition, Medialine employs one of the TOP Azure and Azure Stack experts in Germany. Through these resources, we have the ability to advise you on building a secure architecture and selecting services and tools in the cloud environment.

  • Deep understanding of the needs of medium-sized businesses
  • Comprehensive Azure consulting with our certified expert
  • IT made in Germany

Most Valuable Professional Dino Bordonaro

Medialine News - Dino Bordonaro

Dino Bordonaro is one of the leading Azure Solution Architects in Germany and has been working in the Microsoft environment for over 20 years. In recent years, he has received several awards for his achievements and innovations in the Microsoft Cloud world, including the official award of "Most Valuable Professional" for Microsoft Azure since 2019. This is awarded directly by Microsoft and is limited to about 4000 technology experts worldwide and 26 in Germany.

Dino Bordonaro carries and defends the following awards:

  • Since 2019 "Most Valuable Professional" for Microsoft Azure
  • 2019 and 2020 the title of "TOP Innovator" for Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud Platform
  • 2020 title of "TOP Consultant"
  • 2020 3rd place of the best SME consultants in Germany

Now, as part of the Medialine Group, Dino Bordonaro shares his distinct expertise with the international Azure community. He has already given presentations on the topic at various conferences and congresses.

More information about the MVP

Benefit from our cloud consulting services for Microsoft Azure

Medialine advises you as your Microsoft Azure partner. Whether local or in the cloud, we help you manage your IT with tools and applications through smart hybrid solutions.

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