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Wednesday October 7th, 2015


Today's Talent
Aliz Koletas is an Anchor/Reporter/Host from New York, NY

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"I posted my page on Medialine a few months ago, and received a few emails and phone calls not long after doing so. Since that time, I seriously pursued one offer in particular. But that station was undergoing a sale, so it took some time for the job offer to actually materialize. Today, I signed a letter of intent to start with the station in January! And the best part is after a ton of traditional tapes and work, my resume is where this news director first saw me. I will be heading to Wichita, KS...a 100 market jump from where I am now! I'm so thrilled, and thank you so very much for this wonderful outlet. " -- Kera
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Today's Job of the Day is an Anchor/Reporter opening in Medford, OR.
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If you want me to write a review or something for Medialine, I would be more than happy to do that! Because you got my reel up there the first night and the next morning I had an offer out of Tulsa! And that happened to be the one I chose to work for in the end! Thanks so much, Danica


My Medialine page was a huge help in the search. More than a dozen news directors found me on there, along with a talent scout who passed my reel onto my dream next market, which is where I am headed now. Thanks for the great service! Marissa

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Changing Business Cards
Mort Meisner Associates announces a big move today!


Success Stories
I am a believer! In January, I posted my resume and video in the online Talent Showcase and in less than 24 hours was contacted by a news director about an opening. Over the course of six weeks, several interviews and offers followed. Today, I am working as a weekend weather anchor in St. Louis. Your site is superb when it comes to placing talented broadcasters where news managers can see them. And your fee is a heck of a lot lower than what a talent agent would demand for job placement assistance. Thank you Medialine. Keep doing what you're doing because you've certainly got it right! --Olga