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What is this document?
This page describes any cookies used by our website and how any personal information you provide will be used and protected once submitted to MediaLine. Everyone online should take their privacy seriously and always be careful when visiting any website that requests personal information.

Cookies stored on your computer:
A cookie is a bit of information stored on your computer, and is readable by a website when you return to it. The Open Line forum has an option to store your login information as a cookie (but this can be turned off). No other cookies are saved on your computer.

Is my usage of this website anonymous?
Only a visitor's IP address is logged for purposes of statistical reporting. Our webserver logs are rotated every three hours, at which point all records of your visit are erased. Note: the Open Line forum logs IP addresses for the purpose of preventing and dealing with abuse of the Terms of Service described within that part of the website.

Is the information I submit to MediaLine secure?
All transactions between you and MediaLine are encrypted as they travel along the internet. MediaLine will never sell your information to a third party. Payments for products and services offered on our site happen in real-time, and your payment information is NEVER stored in our databases or on our website. Talent shop members have complete control over what information is shown to hiring managers using this site.

Protect your account!
If you are a subscriber to our services, please remember that MediaLine will NEVER contact you asking for your password. Protect your information AND your purchase. Loaning your access to a friend or co-worker will result in your account being automatically deactivated when too many different login locations are detected.