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"I will always lean on divine order, first; but I'd be a fool to not recognize the role Medialine played in securing my new position. To move from an 80s market reporting position to an anchor seat in a Top 50 is such a blessing. Did I mention I'm headed to an awesome station??!?"
"Can you please remove me from the talent showcase?  In the short time I've been up there, I've had 3 different offers from stations all over the country!!   Thanks for being so helpful, and so flexible... I look forward to working with you again in the future! "
"Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I landed a job in Portland so you can take my reel off medialine. I didn't send one tape out! Medialine is so easy and convenient! Love it. Thanks for all the help. "
"If you want me to write a review or something for Medialine, I would be more than happy to do that! Because you got my reel up there the first night and the next morning I had an offer out of Tulsa! And that happened to be the one I chose to work for in the end! "
"I would like to say that I am very impressed with your site. In the 3 or so months I've had it up there I have received almost a dozen emails from news directors. So I will definitely be using it again once my contract is up. Thank you! "
"I just wanted to thank Medialine for their wonderful customer service and for getting me my new job. I was on medialine for just over a month and for the second time in two years I landed a job because of the site. My employer in market 140 found me on Medialine. When it was time to move on I immediately sent my tape and within a month, my current employer in Oklahoma City offered me a job! "
"I just wanted to let you know you may take my resume/demo down from the talent showcase. I literally had a potential employer contact me the 2nd day I was listed, and this past Friday signed my first contract. Thank you very much for this great service, i wish I had done it sooner. "
"I just wanted to let you know you may take my resume/demo down from the talent showcase. I literally had a potential employer contact me the 2nd day I was listed, and this past Friday signed my first contract. Thank you very much for this great service, i wish I had done it sooner. "
"thanks. just landed my second job from your site. "
"Mark and everyone at Medialine…It has been great working with you in this job search process. I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a new job as an Assistant News Director and Main Anchor. You can leave my account up until it expires, but after that, I will not be needing your wonderful website services for another 2 years. Thanks again…your website really works. "
"Just wanted to ask you to not renew my subscription at my next billing cycle, because I just got a new job! A press release is attached with the details. Your site was great and I'm sure I'll be using it again in the future. "
"I won't be needing another subscription. I found a great job thanks to medialine. The service is great! Thanks. "
"Hey Mark! You can delete me from your site at any time....thanks to you, I found a job!!! Thanks! "
"I am thrilled to confirm, posting my tape and resume on your site has helped me land my first tv job! I am fortunate to be starting my career in market 63. I am now a news reporter at WKYT in Lexington, KY. More over, the emails from interested news directors keep pouring in! Thanks! "
"I was wondering if you could remove my listing. The database worked very well and I now have a job I have agreed to. I continue to get calls on my tape and thats why I request it be removed before the 3 months runs up."
"Here's another "success" story for you. After sending out what has probably amounted to thousands of tapes to dozens of stations across the country, a lightbulb went off in my head....and led me to medialine! Three weeks after posting a REPORTER tape on your site, I received a call about a MAIN ANCHOR POSITION. I wasn't even looking for an anchor job! Drove 8 hours to the station for the interview.....and was offered the job the very same day! Thanks medialine! I'm looking forward to starting a new job in a new city....the first of the year! "
"I posted my page on Medialine a few months ago, and received a few emails and phone calls not long after doing so. Since that time, I seriously pursued one offer in particular. But that station was undergoing a sale, so it took some time for the job offer to actually materialize. Today, I signed a letter of intent to start with the station in January! And the best part is after a ton of traditional tapes and work, my resume is where this news director first saw me. I will be heading to Wichita, KS...a 100 market jump from where I am now! I'm so thrilled, and thank you so very much for this wonderful outlet. "
"Hey Mark! Great news. I just signed a two year deal with a station in Boise, ID!! Best thing is they found me on Medialine!!!! Didnt even have to send a tape! Thanks so much for the service and you can pull me from the talent of the day in Oct. Again thanks for everything and if it wasnt for medialine i wouldnt even have this oppurtinuty! Thanks again, "
"After posting our jobs on our own website, Medialine is the next website source I turn to. Medialine's site is easy to use, brings us qualified candidates and the staff is a pleasure to work with. "
Christina Camps - Human Resources WDJT, Milwaukee
"Mark: This was money well spent. Not even 24 hours after my demo reel was posted I received numerous emails from news directors. I am happy to say I just signed a contract at a great station in Louisiana and want to thank you for your help. You no longer have to have me up for "Today's Talent" on Sept 27. Feel free to take the demo reel and resume down as well. I will definetly use Medialine again if I ever decide to get back on the job market. Thanks alot! "
"Hey Mark, I would just like to say thanks. Before I put my resume DVD on media line, I was sending off DVDs and I must have sent out over 30 of them. Within six days of posting my work on your site I was receiving emails asking if I was still available. I decided to work with WHSV in Virginia, and I am thrilled! They came to me after seeing me on your site. Thank You. I will use your services again in the future. I am on a two year contract so if I decide to move on, I will contact you again."
"I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a job at KSL in Salt Lake City. Since I have a job, you can take me off of Talent Showcase at your convenience. By the way, it was the best $25 I’ve ever spent. Thanks for all the help! "
"If you want to get into the TV business or get your next gig, check out Medialine. Mark and his staff will be there for you anytime you need them. Despite the volume of clients I always felt Mark emailed back instantly every time. And Oh yeah! I got a gig in Market 63 as a Weekend News Reporter and during interviews, my News Director said he saw me on Medialine! So, if your looking for a great service to help you get your work in front of the power brokers in television, check out Medialine first. "
"You can definitely stick this in the testimonials! After less then 14 hours I had a news director e-mail me, and ask me for dates to fly out for an interview! Thanks again!!! "
"I wanted to send you a quick note and update you on my situation. I am taking a reporting job in Kansas City. The news director told me he saw my tape on Medialine and that's why he contacted me. I am over the moon, and wanted to thank you for your help in getting me to this step. Thanks again. "
"Hey Mark, I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee for the day.. and already, I've had TWO responses to my medialine posting! How great! Anyway... just thought I'd pass along the love... "
"Mark, I'm starting to get some hits already. I can't BELIEVE how many people visit this website regularly. What a WONDERFUL resource : )"
"Mark, Please take my tape off the Talent Showcase. I got a new job! Your service was like sending out 100's of resume tapes. Dozens of news directors and agents contacted me. I would definitely recommend your site to anyone who needs a confidence boost during the job hunt. I knew having my tape in the talent pool worked when all my old co-workers were gossiping about it. People visit the Showcase and it gets results. Thank you for including me! "
"I've had great results so far with your service. It's been just over a month since my tape went up, and I've heard from news directors and chief meteorologists from five stations, plus a couple of talent services. Even though I might be close to landing a job, I'm still looking... and I want my best material in the Talent Showcase, because apparently a lot of people look at it!! "
"Thanks so much for all of your help in my job search! Please take my page down for now. I've been hired to report and produce for KHQA in Quincy, IL! Your service certainly is amazing, and I will use it again in my next job search! Thanks a million! "
"I would like to inform you that I have been hired at the CBS affiliate in Grand Junction, CO. Please remove my profile from the talent showcase. This service you provide is wonderful, it certianly helped me get hired. I hope to do business with you again; in two years when my contract is up. "
"I have to share this with you. The last time my work was posted on MediaLine I received my first contact within 24 hours. Today, after being online for less than 2 hours, I received an inquiry from a News Director in a top 60 market. Amazing exposure! There's no better way to kick start your job search than MediaLine's Talent Showcase. "
"First of all, I sent a tape because I'd heard only good things about Medialine... but I didn't know it would work this well! I was contacted by a station about 8 hours after my tape went up Wednesday, and I got a call from an agency today. Especially considering that I'm looking for my first job, it's very encouraging. "
"Just wanted to let you know that I took a job with WTHI in Terre Haute, IN. The position is for a general assignment reporter and the news director found me through MediaLine. Thanks so much for your help. I greatly appreciated it! Have a great day. "
"Medialine is incredible. Your service has helped me for 17-years. In fact, many of my jobs came through Medialine. I recommend Medialine for anyone who has aspirations of being in television. Keep up the great work! "
"Over the last three months I've gotten lots of great feedback and an agent - so I won't be renewing my subscription. However, all the above means I'm very happy and your site was certainly a success for me. I'll be sure to pass that on to my friends in the business. Thanks so much for you help and best of luck. "
"Thanks Mark. Less than 24 hours since it’s been posted and already, I’ve been contacted by a ND! Great service. "
"If you could please remove my tape/resume from the talent showcase. I have taken a job with a Viriginia station. I will definitely use medialine again in the future, and have recommended it to everyone I get a chance to. Thank you very much. "
"I am a believer! In January, I posted my resume and video in the online Talent Showcase and in less than 24 hours was contacted by a news director about an opening. Over the course of six weeks, several interviews and offers followed. Your site is superb when it comes to placing talented broadcasters where news managers can see them. And your fee is a heck of a lot lower than what a talent agent would demand for job placement assistance. Thank you Medialine. Keep doing what you're doing because you've certainly got it right! "
"I currently have my resume posted online, but within 3 weeks of posting my resume I was offered a job in Spokane, WA. This is my first onair position, and its market 78, I'm the morning meteorologist! So can you take my resume off the website? The response I got from medialine was awesome, in just a few weeks I had dozens of News Directors contacting me from an assortment of markets. Thanks! "
"Hey Mark, I got a job and, thanks to Medialine, I didn't have to send-out a single tape. Within a week, 5 news directors had expressed an interest. In a week and a half, I signed a contract. If you'd be so kind, please remove me from the talent showcase. Thanks for all your help and the great service Medialine provides. "
"Greetings Mark, Please remove my on-line video clip from Medialine. As of last night I now have my next position confirmed in the field of Broadcast Meteorology. Ultimately it was my Medialine clip that first got the attention of the station and for that I tip my hat to you and plainly say THANKS! I highly recommend your services. "
"I have depended on Medialine for many years and the service has never let me down. Medialine leads the industry. I always receive a great pool of candidates from the ads I list. I’ve hired some talented folks thanks to Medialine. Medialine is my first choice…make it yours! You won’t be disappointed. Congratulations Mark Shilstone and Medialine on 20 years of outstanding service! "
Terry Graham News Director/Anchor
"Medialine's Talent Showcase is really very helpful. Several news directors have already contacted me – and my current resume tape is not even that good! I’m assuming I will get an even better response as Today’s Talent."
"I wanted to thank you and let you know that I secured my first on-air job through Medialine!! I was hired by WHBF-TV the CBS affiliate in Rock Island, Illinois, part of the Quad Cities and just finished my first week as a one-man-band reporter here. I'm really looking forward to this opportunity, and would not have been able to do it if not for Medialine!! "
"Hey Mark! I want to thank you again for such a wonderful site! You can go ahead and take me off the talent pages though- I have just accepted a GREAT job, which enabled me to skip ahead over 130 markets and go to a great place for severe weather! I have sent many tapes out, but this job contacted me exclusively because of Thanks again! I appreciate it! "
"Can you please take my video off the board. I'm amazed at the response! I'm early in my contract and was trying to get a gage of where I was at, and I got quite a few inquires. Almost...too many so I don't want it to look like I'm trying to get out of it just yet. I'm definitely sold on the Talent Showcase and I will be back when I start really looking again later this year. News Directors really do look at it. Thanks for your help, the site is really great. "
Mike C.
"By the way, your site is really amazing. I just got back Saturday from an interview in Wichita, KS (market 67) which would be an INCREDIBLE jump from where I am now. We`ll see how it pans out, but they mentioned they got me from medialine.. so the system works! "
"I am just 2 short hours from traveling 3,000 miles away to my dream job. Thanks to Media Line. Once I started submitting off of M.L's postings, my phone started ringing. It still is! I have had 7 interviews and 5 offers. All the way up to market 88. For a first gig, I couldn't have asked for more. I will now call Greenville, North Carolina (market 105) home.Thanks MediaLine!!! "
"You recently put me in the Talent Showcase. I wanted to tell you that I've already got some great responses from GREAT markets! The tape looks great on there and so does the resume…thanks again for the great exposure on your website!!!"
"Please remove my tape from the Talent Showcase. Thanks to Medialine, I found an on-air position. I'll definitely post another tape if the time comes around."
Lana Labrousse
"Mark, I know you like testimonials, so here is a quick update. I just took a new job, and the news director first saw me on Medialine. After putting my tape in the talent showcase, I was contacted by five news directors and four agents, and within two months I had a new job."
"Can you please remove my tape from the Talent Showcase/Shop? I have landed a new job. Thanks for all your help! I received numerous bites because of your website."
"My name is LaSaundra Brown and I am part of the medialine talent showcase. I am working for a station now, so how do I go about getting removed from the showcase? Medialine has been a tremendous fact it's how I was contacted by my new employers. However, I am still getting emails from interested news directors. Please remove me from the showcase."
"Dear Media Line,I just wanted to pass along the good news that I was just hired for a new position at WTVW Fox 7 in Evansville. I know you guys like to know when Talent Showcase helps others get jobs so i thought i would pass along the good news. Hope it helps."
"Medialine was a tremendous help in my job search. Two days after entering my tape in the talent showcase..... I had more than fifteen e-mails and phone calls. Thanks to Medialine.... I had several wonderful offers and was hired within a month."
Vanessa Flowers, Anchor/Reporter
"Hi Mark, Thanks so much for putting me on Today's Talent on Tuesday. I received several e-mails from news directors...including two from medium to large-sized markets. Lets just hope one of them works out! Thanks again for all your help."
"Mark, I will not be renewing. I would like to thank you guys for this service. I got 5 job offers in less than a Month. I've accepted a job at a great Station in a Top 50 market. I'd recommend this service to any reporter looking to move up. "
"I've had my tape on MediaLine for one week and I'm already getting results-- I've been contacted by three news directors and three agents so far. Thanks so much. "
"Last week I accepted a promotion as chief meteorologist at my station so I won't be reactivating my subscription right now. I will certainly send you another resume tape in a year when I begin looking for another job. I had a lot of phone calls and emails from news directors who saw my tape through medialine. It was a great investment and I've been recomending it to others in the business. Thanks again Mark. "
"I was offered 2 jobs in Fresno...not just one. Thank you for all your help at was your website that put me onto KSEE with this latest opening. "
Jon Brent - Fresno, California
"I can't believe the response in such a short time of being in Medialine's Talent Showcase. And especially today! I've received at least 20 e-mails.... commenting, or offering jobs, or representation. You guys really do a good job of getting talent seen. "
Jennifer Stanonis, Anchor/Reporter
"I want to thank you all for making me Today's Talent because thanks to the GM @ KMEG seeing me I got the Sioux City job."
Elizabeth Merriman