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Mark's Job of the Day
"The position of Host/MMJ is primarily responsible for the on-camera presentation Monday through Friday of our recorded “Connecticut Style” program. The position requires proven ability to interact with a co-anchor, work with advertisers, and conduct interviews for the five day a week show. The Host must also have MMJ skills including shooting, writing and editing vignettes for use on air and on line. In addition to the daily hosting and MMJ assignments this position will also be responsible for assisting the producer with booking guests, going out on sales calls, writing segments for the show and all other duties as assigned related to the daily production of “Connecticut Style”. Connecticut Style is a daily marketer friendly show that focuses on health, fitness, fashion, cooking and a variety of family friendly topics. It is a five day a week, hour long, pre-recorded show. Vacancy Type: Full Time URL: Experience: The position requires a proven track record as a successful host, anchor and reporter for at least the past three years, preferably with direct on-camera experience. The ability to work as part of a unique production team with a co-host and other on-camera talent is essential. Must be able to assist the show producer with writing solid copy on a deadline basis, as required. Knowledge of Local and National trends is important, as is an ability to communicate extemporaneously about current issues. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Communications (or equivalent professional experience) is required. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate both in written and oral forms is mandatory. Successful completion of a pre-employment background check is mandatory. EOE/MINORITIES/FEMALES/VETERANS/DISABLED Additional Information: To apply for this position go to Keyword: Co Host Ct Style/MMJ Job ID#TNH148 Contact: To apply for this position go to Keyword: Co Host Ct Style/MMJ Job ID#TNH148"